Bladderwrack Powder
Bladderwrack Powder
Bladderwrack Powder
Bladderwrack Powder

Bladderwrack Powder

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Our organic bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) is hand-harvested from the intertidal zone on the coast of North America. It's a brown seaweed that is short and leafy with air bladders. It is a brown algae and is superior to sea moss powder because of the high mineral and detoxing powder. Then sun-dried to preserve all its nutrients. It contains the most iodine of all the sea vegetables. 

Bladderwrack's mineral content supports the brain, nerves, blood vessels, hair growth, skin, and nails. Also a great way to detox. 


Great source of:

  • Iodine, Calcium
  • Fiber, Protein
  • A and B Vitamins
  • Fucoidan - a bioactive compound that helps cell regeneration and reduces toxicity.
  • Zeaxanthin - a common carotenoid that helps to protect the eyes from oxidative and light damage.


Use the powder in broth, soups, and stews, and cooked with grains and vegetables to impart minerals and other nutrients. Can be added to sea moss when making gel.

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Why Kiba's Ocean?

I spent a lot of my childhood at the beach in Antigua. Early on, I understood the healing power of the ocean for the skin and body. I played outside a great deal, so I always had cuts and scrapes.

I noticed when I went to the beach, cuts would heal faster. If I had a cold or flu, I would recover faster.

As a teenager and young adult, I would find the really fine sand rub it from head to toe. It left my skin soft and glowing.

Kiba's Ocean was created because I wanted every human to know the incredible amount of Beauty and Healing that exist in the seas. Made with only clean, plant-based ingredients, seaweeds and nourishing, skin-loving oils. Made for all skin types.

Love, Kiba

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